Caribbean Women Sports

Providing media and marketing support for women in sport in the Caribbean.

Sport means a lot more to women than most people understand – these are the stories we tell.


Caribbean Women Sport has been providing photography for women’s sporting events for over a decade. We provide our photos for women and girls who don’t usually have the opportunity to see themselves in action at their sport.

Media and Marketing

Media and marketing go hand in hand with bringing visibility and value to women’s sport. We therefore offer this support to women’s organizations and events which are interested in building a brand and bringing value to their various stakeholders.


We believe that stories are important and allow people to better relate and be inspired by the amazing women who play sport. Telling stories through video is therefore a key aspect of what we do.


We’ve found that a major part of why many issues in women’s sport are perpetuated is due to a lack of information and education on the topic. We have therefore endeavoured to educate both men and women on the issues that women face in sport.

What it means to play rugby as a woman? Find out from these amazing women in rugby.

The T&T women’s team on their effort to qualify for the Fifa Women’s World Cup.

A look at the 2023 TTWOLF season.

A candid interview with former WI Women’s skipper, Stafanie Taylor.

Stories Matter!

Stories are how we relate to one another and inspire those behind us to do and be better. Caribbean Women Sports believes in telling the stories of women in sport in order to bring them closer to their fans.

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