Digital Crayon – Passion and Persistence

Digital Crayon – Passion and Persistence

Digital Crayon – Passion and Persistence 150 150 CWESN

I have lost track of how many people have asked me what CWESN is about in the past two weeks.

And every time I am posed with the question, I actually find myself at a lost for words. It is hard to describe an emotion, harder to describe passion and even harder to tell a total stranger your dreams.

In simple words, CWESN – Caribbean Women Entertainment Sport Network – is an online media company that covers women’s sports. Although, I have now made the transition from being entirely online, to having a physical presence with the printing of this first issue of CWESN the Magazine. peaked at the 104th most visited site in Trinidad and Tobago and 247,000 on the world in just six months after its launch. The site is now nearing one million visits. CWESN The Magazine has gathered over 100,000 views – 13,000 in only the first day and over 73,000 in less than two weeks.

That is it in a nutshell!

To the average onlooker, that is what they will see. To me, it is a lot more than that. CWESN is a concept; it is the idea that I can change the way women’s sport is perceived in the world.

How I go about doing that will be no simple task, 18 months of doing this has been no easy task, but I just deal with the challenges as they arise.

Recently the challenges were met with celebration when I was given the National Youth Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Winning the award was special, being nominated for it though, meant a lot more to me. It meant more because I was nominated by someone I look up to a great deal.

West Indies Women coach, Stephanie Power, nominated me for the award … two days after the deadline. Thankfully we live in Trinidad. Thankfully neither of us decided to give up just because the deadline had already passed. An interesting lesson that was – had we just forgotten it just because the deadline had passed, I would not have gotten the award.

Stephanie is one of my role models. One of the kindest people you will ever meet and full of life. She is the West Indies women coach, but unfortunately not involved in T&T cricket. She is by far one the most qualified women’s cricket coach in T&T and the Caribbean. A former WI player and captain, her success as a coach rests greatly on her ability to motivate players.

She was one of the first people I interviewed when I started CWESN and remains one of my biggest supporters. 

I would like to publicly thank Stephanie for her support. I would also like to thank everyone who has been with CWESN since its inception. Fans who tune in religiously to cricket updates, people who support behind the scene; those who give motivation when things are going horribly wrong.

For CWESN to be successful, it requires more than just the simple coverage of women’s sports. It requires the support and change in mindset from every society around the world.